The facade reflects the identity of the building

Decorate your building with the best façade bricks.

The best Brick Company in Isfahan (Dorrnama Brick Company)

National and international supply
Dorrnama Brick Company is ready to supply its products to all areas of Iran and even abroad
Affordable price
Different types of bricks, including the best shale and refractory façade bricks, at an affordable price (sending to all areas in Iran)
High quality
Dorrnama Brick Company brings the best quality in brick production using high-quality soil and new and professional kilns
We have been together for 36 years

We have brought you the latest

most beautiful and strongest bricks

Amazing benefits:

We have provided everything you need to design a facade

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Dorrnama Brick Company, relying on up-to-date knowledge and technology and, of course, with the support of you, is trying to become a leader in the brick industry in Isfahan and Iran. In this complex, the process of designing bricks and façade bricks is done under the supervision of experienced and specialized engineers. Our products are processed and prepared using semi-automatic and automatic machines

See our collection of bricks:

Different types of façade bricks, refractory and industrial bricks

For all tastes

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